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To make a meaningful impact in the world today, your brand, products and services need fresh consideration. Whether you lead a start-up, an established business or a mission-driven nonprofit, I can help reinvigorate your mission and its manifestations, inside and out. From concept to execution, I bring bold, innovative approaches and solutions. I like to help you "solve for today's new X."

Contact me when you are ready to:

  • build organizational or board capacity
  • write your strategic plan or your annual report
  • expand your influence and make a difference
  • reach the global and local education markets
  • introduce a new product or service to those that matter
  • craft new content for any medium
  • spearhead or re-evaluate an education, public affairs or community outreach program

My clients and I share a passion to serve the greater good while meeting the bottom line. Does this describe you? I can help achieve your goals. Write to [email protected].